Dog Tooth Violet

DTV 1 CoverFor me, Dog Tooth Violet was a chance to have other singers interpret some of my songs and to be a member of a band without having to be the leader of the band. This group garnered quite a bit of local appreciation largely due to the beautiful voices of Julie Mylks and Robin Moon. Other members of the band were Chris Giguere on guitar and occasional lead vocal; Brian Flynn on violin, guitar and vocals; and Robb MacKay on percussion. Andrew MacLaughlin was our first bass player, followed by Alec Barken who was later replaced by Erik Coleman.

Wide Open



One Love

There You Go

We recorded two short albums together and I had the opportunity to score full orchestral backing parts for some of my songs when we were invited to perform with the Kingston Symphony Orchestra. We had a pretty great sound and to this day I’m not entirely sure why we broke up.